Walking Cycle #006

We depart at seven as always,
I pack the altimeter and a change of clothes.
Mr. Fogg is careful with praise;
A gentleman can never his heart expose.
Only a modest nod, rarely given,
Shows his appreciation for services rendered.
Yet I do not mind, for my master is driven;
To his desire for adventure long ago I surrendered.
With everything packed, I walk down
Ready for the places yet unexplored
Mr. Fogg awaits: “Come now, Passepartout! We must head into town!”
I nod, as we board the mechanical carriage,

To catch an underwater train bound for Paris;
Across the world in eighty days guided by polaris.

Inspired by the 80 Days Game by Inkle

The author you are trying to reach is undead. Please whisper your message into the dance macabre, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

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